An Efficient Welding Helmet Must Have These Features

Jan 04, 17 An Efficient Welding Helmet Must Have These Features

For a welder, a welding helmet is the most important protective gear. A good welding helmet is not only supposed to protect the welder from the sparks emitted during the welding but also provides protection from the harmful and potentially vision-damaging radiation. Choosing the best welding helmet is one of the most important parts of the job for obvious reasons. Given below are some features of best welding helmets that you must look out for while choosing protective gear:

The Comfort of the Gear

The headgear must be comfortable as the welder is required to have it on all throughout the process of welding. Therefore, the headgear must be comfortable to wear and adjustable as the welder is going to be wearing this probably all day long. With improvements in technology, several models with a decent hood and a nicely fitting headgear are available.

Weight of the Helmet

As mentioned before, the worker is required to wear this gear for a long period of time. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that it is not too heavy. The weight of the helmet is an important factor when choosing the right welding gear. Nowadays, light weight helmets are easily available without compromising on features. These minimize the weight of the helmet on the neck and reduce fatigue from wearing it all day.

Convenient Controls

There are two types of settings available when it comes to welding head gear and your choice must depend solely on preference. While the digital controls are more accurate, they might be harder to adjust when you have gloves on. On the other hand, analog is easier to adjust but you might have to spend some time adjusting controls to get the setting you want.

These are some features that the best welding helmets are expected to have.